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Start-Up Tech

We support start-ups through all the stages of business development such as funding, acceleration, technology migration, digital automation, DevOps, UX supports, security revamps and many others.


We assist our clients with Agricultural Digital Management solutions in areas such as Task Management, Farm Inventory, Farm Mapping, Pasture Management, Yield monitoring, Pest Control and many others.


We assist our clients with Educational Digital Management solutions in areas such as School Management apps, e-private tutoring, Remote access supports, School helpdesk, Broadband Connection services, Off site and cloud based content backup and many more.


We assist our clients with financial digital Management solutions such as mobile wallets, online payments gateways services, invoice Management, mobile top-ups, fraud tracking systems and many more.


We assist our clients with medtech devices, information technology, Telemed, EMR, HIE, NwHIN, PHRs, patient portal, nanomedicine, GPS Mapping, RFID, CDS, IoMT, 3D Printing, Hologram and many more

General Consultancy

We assist our clients with business proposals, report, evaluation, researches, manage projects and data, source and connect investors with clients, manage digital web services, training and programs and many more

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