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Airodel App -

Airodel is an online delivery app that you can use to order pick up, book, and deliver food or other items to your home, office, or station.


You can app use the app for shipments of goods or boxed items. Through the app, you can earn $12-15/hr delivering around your community. For more information, click the button

TalkTOT App - Telehealth

TalkTOT is a telepsychology app where you can book sessions with a professional therapist. You can remain anonymous provided your psychological needs are taken care of.


The app offers both audio and video sessions depending on your preference. You can book a FREE session with a non-professional such as an experienced adult.  For more information, click the button

2borders App - Payments

2borders app is a cross-border financial payment gateway for sending and receiving money from North America to Africa.


The app is user-friendly and has chat support where you chat with your loves abroad for FREE. For more information, click the button

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Have you tried our hottest delivery app? Airodel is the most reliable, convenient and affordable way to cover all you delivery needs. If you are in Houston, look no other than using AIRODEL


General IT Consulting

We got you for all your general IT consulting such as training, research, design, development, marketing, SEO, data analysis, business analysis, audit & compliance, market analysis etc

AI App Development

We build custom applications from scratch to completion (smart UI/UX) with 100% AI tools integrated for maximum productivity. 


We produce and sell smart software used for the smooth running of robots and other advance systems and gadgets. Our software is used in educational & hospitality robots

BIg Data & Cloud Services

The largest selection fitness articles exercises workouts, supplements, & community to help you reach your goals!

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