About Us

Who we Are?

bbcmgtAI is one of the most sort after AI software company in US. It was founded in August 16, 2018 with the goal of advancing humanity using smart technology. Our team is committed to excellence, dedication and innovation. We provide advance IT services across Europe, Africa and America. Our services

Vision & Mission

To advance humanity using smart technologies.


By designing, developing and advancing technologies

General IT Consulting

We are here to attend to your general IT needs whether you are a small or big business. From helpdesk to IT audit & compliance

AI App Development

We provide custom applications for all industries such as Education, Agriculture, Health, Finance and E-commerce etc.

Robotics and Drones

We provide you with custom software to manage your robots functions. We support your logistics needs with advance drones

Big Data & Cloud Services

We help you to manage and give meaning to your big data. We provide you with reliable cloud services and computing

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